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Unique custom layout

For every budget PhotoEdgard builds a website.

From a simple website with a few pages to a website with extensive and specific modules and pages.
PhotoEdgard build your website always designed with a fixed, standard and customizable template and gets your website a unique layout.

This service is already included in the price. Your website will jump more eyes and will also keep more visitors on your website in this way.

Get a lot of visitors to your website, is not enough.

You need your visitors can generate a unique design, relevant content and information easy to find back their interest.

During the creation of a website, one thinks not always to take quality photos to illustrate the company. Qualitative photos however are an essential step in presenting your products and services. These images give your visitors a visual representation and make your website more pleasant to read.
The captured images are then processed and optimized so they can be used for your other communications (magazine, flyers, presentations, etc.).

I am at your disposal for:
» Design and publishing your website (html, flash, websites with CMS, ...);
» The domain name and the hosting of your website;
» Installation, layout and publishing your website;
» Design your logo;
» Add your text and pictures;
» Backup of your website;
» Registration with the search engines;
» Detailed visitor statistics;
» Linking your website with various social media such as Facebook and ….;
» 2 maintenance for adjustments after the completion of your website.
» The photo shoot;
» Design your corporate identity and business cards;
» Google Search Engines and Google Maps;
» Copywriting;
» Languages: Dutch - English - Spanish and German.

PhotoEdgard design your website according to your wishes. I am also active with you, to design customized to your professional activities. I optimize your website for the search engines, make the logon to the search engines and will be responsible for the maintenance of your website.

Your website is the showcase of your business.

You will also need professional web design.

And that's just what I can offer you.
Even after the completion of your website,

I help you in word and deed.

The purpose of a website

Why do I need a website?

Many entrepreneurs are already convinced of the usefulness of a Web site.

For entrepreneurs, associations or clubs who still doubt, I give her a while the benefits.
About 85% of consumers currently use the Internet before they proceed to the purchase of goods or services.

This is especially with the search engines like Google and others. Through your website you´re much more than just an address and a telephone number. Consumers can find more information in particular and that is just what the consumer wants. Consumers want more and more in advance about the different options and products for sale.

The current crisis, will undoubtedly give this trend an extra boost.
A website is therefore an ideal way to recruit for your company, club, and association or store extra customers.

What consumers have to my website?

As previously stated, consumers will partly use your website to see what products or services you offer and what the different options are. Many consumers still have some initial hesitation when it comes to information requests by telephone. Through your website, they can find the same information over and over again, without having to call for information by phone.

The benefits of a website in a row:

♦ 24 /24, and 7 /7
♦ You can keep your current and future customers aware of your holiday arrangements.
♦ You can expand your customer base in a simple way.
♦ A website is a small investment with a big impact.
♦ Saving on advertising costs.
♦ Your customers will find answers too many questions on your website so you spend less time on the phone.


Benefit from the many advantages that a website can offer.
A well-crafted logo adapted to the philosophy of your business is extremely important. A good logo is recognizable, catches the eye and is a part of the company. With a good logo you ensure high visibility. Every business is unique and the logo should also radiate.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities. By E-mail: Contactpage:

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I make after our conversation a first draft and on the basis of feedback, this design will be further adapted and put on point.

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